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About Us

Out Bound offers the most comprehensive Air, Road, Sea and Rail shipping services of game trophies in the industry. We offer complete services from Zimbabwe to anywhere around the globe utilizing our worldwide network of agents.

Packing and Crating

20 Tonnes
Exported per Year

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Let us introduce ourselves

What We Do

We encourage safari operators and taxidermists to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce costs by consolidating shipments for importation.

All our rates are very dependent on what the Trophy shipment we are shipping consists of – ie: Cites I, II as this all plays a big part now in how we route the cargo and rates we can apply.

We will always make sure we get the best rate, not always the cheapest at times, as handling and care of our sensitive cargo is paramount – replacing lost documents by airlines and their inefficiencies, cheap rates are not always acceptable!

How we do it…

The Process

  • Once we have received the required information about your client’s shipment, such as weight and size, we can provide you with a complete cost quote to the delivery destination anywhere around the world.
  • We will keep you notified during the export process. When shipments leave our warehouse – we will track and trace them right up to final destination / hand over to the appointed agents.
  • Out Bound strongly recommends that we take up insurance coverage on your behalf at competitive rates. As these life time opportunities accomplished are not worth jeopardizing.
  • We accept no liability for uninsured shipments, we will quote rates for the appropriate coverage.
  • We have CCTV monitoring 24 hours.
  • Out Bound Cargo is also well insured therefore ensuring all trophies are safely warehoused.
Warehouse Lifiting Crates

Handled with care

Packing and Crating

We offer the facility to pack and crate all the many different types of Cargo exported out of Zimbabwe. We are fully versed will all aspects of pine crating, pallets and the World IPPO regulations.

Safe & Secure

Security and Care

During the clearance process, your consignment is under our care. Our housing facility has 24-hour digital security monitors and central station alarm system ensuring your cargo is secure at all times.

From arrival, your shipment goes directly into our warehouse facility.

From there we will conduct a quality control check on the respective consignment to ensure that it meets our required standards, and to ensure that the consignment matches its content listings.

Government agency inspectors, inspect our warehouse and consignments prior to being shipped. When a physical inspection is required for your shipment, Out Bound personnel carefully open the containers under supervision of the operator or taxidermist pertaining to the export. This will ensure that there are no errors on the consignment prior to being shipped out.